5 Things to do before visiting a cafe nearby during Covid-19

According to a research 45% coffee enthusiasts crave for an awesome cuppa from their cafe nearby. The others simply do not express.

If you are someone who wants to venture out during Covid-19 and get your coffee fix, follow these simple rules.

  1. Carry your Covid-19 kit to cafe
  2. Ask for contact-less payment for your coffee
  3. Insist on using a take-away coffee cup
  4. Avoid leaning on coffee desks
  5. Do not forget to leave a healthy tip to your Covid-19 hero!

Carry your Covid-19 Kit to cafe

Coffee shops have hundreds of visitors on a daily basis, which makes it hard to ignore from a safety perspective. Your personal Covid-19 Kit is your best friend for the months to follow. Be sure to never leave it behind. Your absolute essentials must include the following items…
a. A face mask (N95 grade or higher) as approved by the government.
b. A pair of silicon gloves
c. A hand sanitiser
d. Alcohol based wet tissue pack
e. Handkerchief
Do not step out of your home before you get your personal Covid-19 kit in place, even if your cafe is just a few steps away.

Use Contact-less payment methods

A close up of a woman using the contact-less payment method with her smartphone to pay for her shopping.

Your cafe nearby must adhere to the new age payment methods. There are so many options available to day like UPI payments, app based payments like Paytm, GPay, Freecharge, etc. You must avoid paying through cash & receiving cash change. You might also get rid of using your ATM cards for transacting too. All leading baristas in the country have their own contact-less payment methods.

Insist on using Take-away cups

Your best bet is to avoid any cutlery that has the possibility of alternate contact or post-coffee contact. This is also the reason, most coffee shops have moved to plastic cups with a cover. For the ones who have not, you want to avoid visiting that place altogether. It might be a Covid-19 breeding ground. A take-away coffee cup also minimises the spillage accidents which results in less contact.

Avoid Leaning of Coffee Desks

We have been habitual in leaning over coffee desks, counters, tables and all surfaces in the cafe. Just to be safe, you might want to spray a little sanitiser on the surfaces before you rest your cups on them. Be sure to use tissue papers for cleaning the spillage after your finish your coffee.

Tip the Covid-19 Hero who served you

We are living in a difficult time. The person who just handed you your coffee might not be having a cheerful day. Try to tip them as a mark of sensitivity towards Covid-19. This is the least we can do while we protect ourselves and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

A great cup of coffee is so important in getting your day started. Try brewing it in your backyard, but if you absolutely have the crave for it, be sure to follow the above 5 things. Enjoy your coffee fix and share your thoughts about this post. If you have some great ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments section. Stay Indoors, Stay Safe.

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